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Fall Alpha Now Running!

Monday Nights at 7pm at Saint John’s. Registration closes 10/14.

Tuesday Night Adult Faith Formation

7:15pm at Saint John’s. Bring a friend!

The Presence Series:

The Mystery Of the Eucharist begins Thursday October 10th at Saint John’s at 6:30PM. Bring a friend!
Fall Alpha Begins 9/23 at 7pm.
Sign up soon!

Weekly Mass Schedules

Confession: Tuesday: 5:30p – 6:15p, St. John. Saturday: 3:00p – 3:45p Saint Mary & Hyacinth & 5:00p – 5:45p St. John. Sunday: 8:00a – 8:45a St. John & 10:00a – 10:45a Saint Wenceslaus.

Saint John the Evangelist

Saint John Mass Schedule
Monday 8:15am
Tuesday 6:30pm
Wednesday 8:15am
Thursday 8:15am
Friday None
Saturday 6:00pm
Sunday 9:00am

Saints Mary & Hyacinth

Saints Mary & Hyacinth Mass Schedule
Monday None
Tuesday None
Wednesday 7:15am
Thursday 7:15am
Friday 7:15am
Saturday 4:00pm
Sunday 7:00am

Saint Wenceslaus

Saint Wenceslaus Mass Schedule
Monday None
Tuesday 8:00am
Wednesday None
Thursday None
Friday None
Saturday None
Sunday 11:00am

Church Office Hours:

St. John
Monday – Thursday: 8am – 4pm
Friday: 8am – 12pm

SS. Mary & Hyacinth
Monday & Wednesday: 8am – 4pm
Thursday & Friday: 8am – 12pm

St. Wenceslaus
Tuesday: 8am – 4pm
Thursday: 1pm – 4pm


We are intentional missionary disciples striving to lead all people to the Kingdom of God.


As friends and followers of Jesus, we are devoted to fostering households and communities of discipleship through the mission and ministry of the Catholic Church.

What's Going On?

There’s Always Something Going On!

Fall Monday Night Alpha Schedule
9/23 – Is there more to life than this?
9/30 -Who is Jesus?
10/7 – Why did Jesus die?
10/14 – How can I have faith?
10/21 – How and why should I pray?
10/29 – How and why should I read the Bible?
11/4 – How does God guide us?
11/11 – How can I resist evil?
11/18 – Does God heal today?
11/22-23 – Alpha Holy Spirit Weekend at Camp Tek
11/25 – How can I make the most of the rest of my life?
12/2 – Why and how should I tell others?
12/9 – What about the church?

Adoration Chapel Hours:

Held at Saints Mary & Hyacinth

Interested in picking up an hour? Click here to sign up! 


Sunday: 8AM-1PM

Monday: 3AM through Friday: 10PM

We Are Always in Need More Adorers! 

Red hours on image below need to be filled.

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