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Saint John the Evangelist

Saint John Mass Schedule
Weekday Mass M-F 8:15am
Saturday Mass 5:30pm
Sunday Mass 9:00am

Confession: Sat. After 5:30pm Mass

Saints Mary & Hyacinth

Saints Mary & Hyacinth Mass Schedule
Weekday Mass W-F 7:30am
Saturday Mass 4:00pm
Sunday Mass 7:30am

Confession: Sat. 3:00pm

Saint Wenceslaus

Saint Wenceslaus Mass Schedule
Weekday Mass Tuesday 8:00am
Saturday Mass No Mass
Sunday Mass 10:30am

Confession: Sun. After 10:30am Mass

Letter from your Associate Pastor: Fr. Zach

A letter to our faith formation students and families


“The Catholic Church and Homosexuality” the Third Way


What's Going On?

There’s Always Something Going On!

Looking to grow in your Catholic Faith on The Road or while you listen to the Radio?

Listen to Relevant Radio on 92.9 FM to stay engaged and to stay relevant in our secular culture.


Come Join us for the Pilgrimage to Cathedral and Shrine of Our Lady of Good Help with Fr. Zach Weber!

July 19th
Totus Tuus Summer Youth Mission

Adoration Chapel Hours:

Held at Saints Mary & Hyacinth

Sunday 9AM-1PM

Monday 8AM-4PM

Tuesday 8AM -4PM

Wednesday 8AM through Friday at 10PM

(closed from 7AM-8AM Wed-Fri for Holy Mass)

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