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Saint John the Evangelist

Saint John Mass Schedule
Weekday Mass M-F 8:15am
Saturday Mass 5:30pm
Sunday Mass 9:00am

Confession: Sat. After 5:30pm Mass

Saints Mary & Hyacinth

Saints Mary & Hyacinth Mass Schedule
Weekday Mass W-F 7:30am
Saturday Mass 4:00pm
Sunday Mass 7:30am

Confession: Sat. 3:00pm

Saint Wenceslaus

Saint Wenceslaus Mass Schedule
Weekday Mass Tuesday 8:00am
Saturday Mass No Mass
Sunday Mass 10:30am

Confession: Sun. After 10:30am Mass

What's Going On?

There’s Always Something Going On!
Assumption of Mary Mass Times

First Friday Devotion
August 3rd
7:30 AM Saints Mary and Hyacinth
1:30PM St. John the Evangelist
August 10th
Lakeside Brat Fry – St. John
August 13th
St. Wenceslaus – Music in the Park
August 14th Assumption of Mary Vigil at Saints Mary and Hyacinth at 6:30PM.
 August 15th Assumption of Mary Holy Day Mass Schedule
7:15 Am at Saints Mary and Hyacinth
8:15 AM St. John the Evangelist
11:00AM St. James (White Lake)
6:30PM St. Wenceslaus
August 16th St. John the Evangelist – Music in the Park
August 31st
Lakeside Brat Fry – St. John
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Adoration Chapel Hours:

Held at Saints Mary & Hyacinth

Sunday 9AM-1PM

Monday 8AM-4PM

Tuesday 8AM -4PM

Wednesday 8AM through Friday at 10PM

(closed from 7AM-8AM Wed-Fri for Holy Mass)

The Source and Summit

Antigo Area Catholic Churches wants to help you and your family understand what we believe as Catholics and why we worship what we do. Please watch these videos or purchase these books to grow in your faith this month as we read this month from The Gospel of John chapter 6, which is all about the Eucharist and the true presence of Jesus in the Eucharist.

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