Faith Formation

“The Youth are the church of today and we are calling them into conversion and intentional discipleship by offering a life-changing encounter with Jesus through authentic faith formation”

Photo of Kids Serving at Grade School


Pete Schlegel
K through 5th Grade
Parents …you are the single greatest influence on the spiritual and religious life of your children. Nothing else even comes close. If you live the faith inside and outside of your home, your children have the greatest opportunity to do the same. In the spiritual and religious development of children, parents are more important than anything else, including peers and media (Notre Dame Study Panel: The National Study of Youth & Religion – Bartkus & Kenan, 2016). We are committed to supporting parents and families in living their faith inside and outside of their homes.

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Tracey Minish
6th through 12th Grade
Office: 715-623-5255
The primary goal of our programming is to meet tweens and teens where they are and draw them into a deeper understanding of the faith. Our youth are in need of authentic faith and we are honored to serve them in this ministry. Our emphasis is on a relationship with Jesus within the sacramental Church. Beginning with middle school and continuing through high school, our young people are challenged and encouraged encounter the living person of Jesus Christ, become His disciples, and grow in their faith while changing their world.

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