Queen of Peace Cemetery & Mausoleum

Via Matris Queen of Peace

Mission Statment

Queen of Peace Cemetery of Antigo, Wisconsin is a Catholic cemetery dedicated to providing a beautiful and peaceful resting place for the faithfully departed. We welcome all Catholics, their families and members of all faiths.

Cemetery Location:

6th Avenue & Aurora Street, Antigo WI

Business Office:

819 3rd Avenue, Antigo, WI 54409

Business Secretary: Ann Majewski
Sexton: Jeremy Jones

Board of Directors:

Chair: Rosemary Barnes
Father Joel Sember, Steve Bradley, Steve Brettingen, Jim Frisch, Steve Rolling and Katie Klemp

Cemetery History

The land for the first section of the cemetery was donated by Mrs. A.F. Deleglise and approved by the diocese of Green Bay December 9, 1882. Over time, additional parcels were acquired. Until 1914 the cemetery was under the responsibility of St. John the Evangelist church. In 1914 the Catholic Cemetery Association was organized among the three parishes of the city. In 1963, Bishop Stanislaus Bona authorized the creation of Queen of Peace Catholic Cemetery. The Cemetery was operated by the Queen of Peace Cemetery Association until 1997 when the Diocese of Green Bay assumed title to the real estate and operations of the cemetery. On April 1, 2011, the diocese returned ownership of the real estate and operations to St. John the Evangelist and SS. Mary & Hyacinth parishes.
The Queen of Peace Cemetery Association reports to the Finance Committees of these two Catholic parishes of Antigo, Wisconsin.

Cemetery Rules & Regulations

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Cemetery Price List

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Queen of Peace Cemetery Map